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How Much is the Average Nurse Practitioner Salary in Canada?

How Much is the Average Nurse Practitioner Salary in Canada?

Whether you’re a studying NP trying to decide where to work after graduation, or you’re already a practicing NP who’s curious of other provincial nurse practitioner salaries, this article outlines the average salary of NPs across Canada.

Since sources vary slightly we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list for you with some approximate average figures to give you a better idea of what is reasonable to expect. Nursing Salaries are based on the nurse salary expectations outlined by Nurse Union, along with salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees via nurse avenue, glassdoor, salaryexpert, and nuevo.  

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Canada

Depending on where you are in Canada the average NP salary ranges between $88,000 to $110,000 annually (for shifts at 7 hours and 45 minutes). In hourly rates - for full time positions that averages between $39.08/hour to $56.62/hour.

So where on the scale does your province land? Let’s take a look (for a full chart comparison scroll to the bottom): 


The nurse practitioner salary in Ontario is on average around $112,000 - which is roughly $54/hour. This also adjusts a bit depending on where you’re located. For example, the average nurse practitioner salary in Toronto is a bit higher at $117,000. 

Entry level nurse practitioner salaries would be closer to 94,000 - 103,000 ($45-$49) while higher salaries could even go up to $121,485. Overall the nurse practitioner salary in Ontario is higher than other provinces which most likely equals out as it has a higher cost of living.


The nurse practitioner salary in BC is a bit higher than in Ontario (which helps with the cost of living since it also tends to be much higher). The NP salary ranges on average around $119,000 which is roughly $57/hour.

Oddly enough though, Vancouver (which is known as one of the most expensive Canadian cities) averages a bit lower on the scale - paying around $45-$50/hour. 


The nurse practitioner salary in Alberta is on average around $102,000/annually. Generally across Alberta hourly wages tend to be close to $50/hour while in bigger cities like Calgary and Edmonton it’s a bit higher at $53.21/hour. Alberta also has great premiums and bonuses for anyone who works at night or after regular work hours (sometimes up to 21% more)!

So if you have a mix of day shifts and night shifts you can quickly bring your salary to $122K.  

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The nurse practitioner salary in Quebec is placed at around $108,578 ($52/hour). However, for entry level NPs you can expect a much lower average, often starting at around $36/hour while experienced NPs can expect as much as $55-$60/hour.

Compensation based on experience


The nurse practitioner salary in Manitoba averages around $103,229 /annually which is about $10,000 lower than the overall average salary for Canada. On an hourly rate it’s around $49.63. If you’re in your first few years of practice then it’s likely you’ll be making more around $35-$45/hour (depending on where you work). 


The nurse practitioner salary in Saskatchewan is around $105,618 or $51/hourly, which is pretty good considering Saskatchewan has an overall lower cost of living than other provinces as well as a lower unemployment rate.

However, wages tend to be slightly lower in the capital, more at around $48.45 per hour - so if you’re looking to save some money quickly it’s best to look for a job in a more remote town.

Nova Scotia 

The nurse practitioner salary in Nova Scotia is similar to many of the other provinces with an average of around $102,547 or $49.30 per hour. A new NP would be looking at closer to $45/hour with a senior NP looking at around $61/hour.

Nova Scotia is a great place to start your career as you can scale up the earning latter pretty quickly. 

New Brunswick

The nurse practitioner salary in New Brunswick is quite a bit lower than the rest of Canada, sitting at around $92,742, or $44/hour. Again, similar to other provinces, entry level positions are expected to be lower, at around $42 where more experienced NPs can earn closer to $48. 


P.E.I’s nurse practitioner average salary is around $108,000/annually ($51 per hour). A more senior NP will earn a bit more at around $60/hour. 

Newfoundland & Labrador

The average salary for a nurse practitioner in Newfoundland and Labrador is around $95,000, or anywhere between $44-$54/hourly.  

Northwest Territories/Yukon/Nunavut

If you’re looking to earn even more money then spend a year or two working up north. While nurse practitioners in the northern parts of Canada make similar to some of the more popular provinces (like Ontario, B.C and Alberta) averaging around $109,000, you tend to earn more thanks to bonuses and higher hourly rates. 

However, location is key and depending on where you go north the average can sometimes sky-rocket to $120,198! The best place to start looking is in Nunavut, with average hourly rates (even for beginners) can start at around $80! Along with your salary usually comes housing, flights back home and a handful of other wonderful perks.  

What Is the Average Nurse Practitioner Salary by Province 

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the salaries across provinces. Remember that these are the overall averages - so if you’re an entry level NP expect to earn $10-15K less per year. Likewise, if you’re a senior NP you’re likely being paid more than the averages below.

In addition to salaries the average bonuses in Canada averages at around $2,356/annually.


Average Annual Salary 

Average Hourly Salary 



















Nova Scotia 



New Brunswick






Newfoundland & Labrador 



Northwest Territories/Yukon/Nunavut

$109,04 - $120,198


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How Do NPs and MDs Salaries Differ?

While Nurse practitioners and MDs have very similar duties, they unfortunately don’t have similar salaries. The average family doctor salary in Canada is around $281,000 where other medical specialists earn around $360,000.

With the average Nurse Practitioner Salary in Canada being between $88,000 to $110,000 annually, MDs earn a whole lot more! On average they can earn between $210,625 - 251,600 more for similar duties. Yes, of course, MDs have more schooling and ultimately have more responsibilities in regards to surgery but that’s still a pretty large pay gap.

For a fun overview of NP and MD salaries check out the video below where Danielle LeVeck, DNP (@nurseabnormalities) and Mike Natter, MD (@mike.natter), chat about the difference between salaries and responsibilities.


Depending on what province (or territory) you’re practicing in, your nurse practitioner salary (in Canada) will vary but likely not by too much (unless you plan on working in Nunavut)!

As you embark on your NP career journey or if you’re thinking of changing provinces, when looking at salaries always remember to factor in living expenses and the day-to-day cost of living  along with how much bonuses and overtime pay you’ll get (as this really adds up and can be where a lot of nurses make their money).

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