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How Much is the LPN Salary in Canada?

How Much is the LPN Salary in Canada?

LPNs work under the supervision or NPs, RNs and doctors and care for a wide range of patients - at all stages of life. As an LPN you’re likely to take vital signs, collect samples, make sure your patient is comfortable and administer any medication. So how much does an LPN make in Canada and how does it differ from the average nursing salary

Of course, it all depends on where you live, how much experience you have and exactly what facility or location you’re working at (long-term care, private, public, etc.). While LPNs earn less than a NPs salary, it’s still a competitive wage that you can increase by working nights or extra hours.

The average LPN salary in Canada varies slightly not only across all provinces but even within the same province (a dollar here or there, again, depending on location, experience etc). To help break things down we’ve compiled a list of the average salary figures based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees via nurse avenue, glassdoor, salaryexpert, nuevo and nurse unions.

LPN Salary in Canada by Province

On average, depending exactly where you live in Canada and much experience you have, an LPN salary in Canada averages between $28 an hour or around $56,479 annually. Remember that this doesn’t include any overtime or bonuses. Below is a breakdown of LPN salaries in each province/territory (for a comparable chart scroll to the bottom). 

How Much LPN Nurses Earn as New Grads


The LPN salary in BC averages anywhere from $52,541-$55,381 (depending on the facility and the location). When compared to other provinces (as you’ll see below) the LPN salary in BC is quite a lot higher, starting at around $28 and going as high as $35 an hour. Since British Columbia is one of the most expensive cities in Canada to live (in particular Vancouver and surrounding areas), it’s really no wonder that the LPN salary here is higher, otherwise it would make things really difficult to make ends meet.


The LPN salary in Alberta is around $50,156. However, the overall scale of an LPN salary has a bit more range with averages starting at around $21 for recent grads but for experienced LPNs you can earn as much as $32. That being said, the average hourly rate works out to be more between $27/hour. It tends to be on the lower scale if you’re working in private facilities or smaller long-term care residencies.


The LPN salary in Quebec is around $50,902 which is about $25/hourly. This rate is pretty much the same throughout the province, no matter if you’re in a larger city or not. For a newbie LPN you’d be looking at as low as $22, and as a more experienced LPN you can expect a bit more at around $28. 


Ontario LPNs are actually called RPNs (registered practical nurses). What’s the difference between LPNs and RPNs? Essentially, they are the same types of nurses (with the same duties and job qualifications), just with different names. While LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse, RPN stands for Registered practical nurse.

That said, on average, they make around $54,600 or which comes out to around $26/hour. Typically they have a starting salary of around $24 and can go up until around the $30 mark. While this may seem a bit higher for a starting wage when compared to other provinces you have to keep in mind that Ontario also has much higher living expenses.


The LPN salary in Manitoba averages at $55,017. It has much higher starting rates, typically around $25/hour. An experienced LPN can earn between $30-$33/hour- again depending on experience, location and facility.


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The LPN salary in Saskatchewan ranges between $61,406 - 62,961- which makes it by far the highest average LPN salary in Canada. The highest you can earn as an LPN in Saskatchewan is 72,534.34!

Hourly ranges are placed at around $30-35, and of course they vary a bit here and there depending on what type of facility you’re working at - but not too bad right? It almost makes you want to hit those flatlands fast!

Nova Scotia

The average LPN salary in Nova Scotia is around $52,398. Hourly starting rates are a bit higher at $23-$25. For a more experienced LPN it caps off at around $30.

New Brunswick

The average LPN salary in New Brunswick is around 46,515/annually. As a newbie LPN you’re looking at around $23 where a more experienced LPN can expect an hourly rate of around $25. This makes it one of the lowest LPN salaries in Canada.


The LPN salary in P.E.I. starts at around $23 as a recent LPN graduate and can go all the way up to around $30/hour. This makes for a yearly salary on average of around $49,156 - $51,000.

Newfoundland & Labrador

The average LPN salary in Newfoundland & Labrador is between $49,424 to $51,541 a year. When you’re first starting out you can expect something more around $25/hour and as an experienced LPN you’d be looking more at $30-$32/hour. In such beautiful scenery, with lower costs, this makes for a pretty decent LPN salary!


The average LPN salary in Nunavut is around $55,863, depending where you are and how remote it is. Typically the more remote - the higher the wage. This averages for an hourly rate of anything between $25-$30. However - these are rates for nurses who are already living in the area, but if you’re recruited to come from another province and are headed there strictly for work you’re going to be earning a whole lot more!

This is especially true for Nunavut where you can expect to get your food, accommodation and flights (to and from and usually visits) all paid - on top of bonuses. For an LPN salary in Nunavut where you’re flying in from elsewhere, you can expect something closer to $80,000!


The average LPN salary in the Yukon is $65,949, which at the hourly rate is $37! For a newbie headed to the Yukon you’re looking at an LPN salary starting at $29.

Northwest Territories

The average LPN salary in the Northwest Territories is very high! On average it’s about $40-$46/hour for a starting nurse and can go all the way up to $80,000-$83,000 a year. That really gets you thinking about heading north right? 

What Is the Overall Average LPN Salary 

The chart below outlines the overall average annual and hourly LPN salary in Canada. For each province/territory you’ll see two average numbers - this just means the salary can be anything between the two - depending on location, facility, etc. and of course your experience. 


Average Annual Salary 

Average Hourly Salary 


$52,541 - $55,381

$28 - $35



$27 -$28






$26.25 -$27.50



$26 - $29. 


$61,406 - $62,961

$30 - $35

Nova Scotia 



New Brunswick


$23- $25


$49,156 - $51,000

$23 - $24.5

Newfoundland & Labrador 

$49,424 to $51,541

$23.70 - $24.70 



$25 - $30




Northwest Territories

$80,000 - $83,000

$40 - $46


Overall, with the expectations of LPN salaries in BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, wages are more or less comparable. On the general scale they are making anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 while in most provinces it’s typically between $52,000 to $58,000. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include overtime, doubles or any bonuses. If you’re willing to work some overtime (or nights) and put in some longer days here and there you should be able to hit the $60K mark! 

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