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The Average RN Salary in Canada

The Average RN Salary in Canada

How much is a registered nurse's salary? While the answer to this question always comes down to your experience, where you’re practicing (private, public, long-term care, etc.), and whether you live in a major city or a remote town - RNs can expect to bring in anywhere from $78,000  to $80,000 annually. 

Since numbers tend to fluctuate around what is the average RN salary, to help break it down we’ve compiled an overview of the average annual and hourly rates an RN can expect to make across Canada. Our salary figures are based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees via nurse avenue, glassdoor, salaryexpert, nuevo, and nurse unions. A typical week in our calculations is 37.5 hours. Keep in mind exactly how much you’ll make is dependent on where you’re going to be working - how many years of experience you have and of course what province you live in.

Registered Nurse Salary Across Canada 

The minimum/starting RN salary in Canada is $64,297 or around $33 an hour, while the highest-paid is set at $85,047.50 or $44/hour. The overall average RN salary is more around $78,000 a year - which works out to be $39 an hour. So while this is a good amount based on all nursing salaries in Canada, it doesn't take into account any overtime or bonuses - remember that the more hours you work the higher your salary will be. Additionally, as you’ll see in the province outlines below, Quebec is quite lower than other provinces which significantly lowers the overall average.

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The average RN salary in Ontario is $74,000 or $37 an hour. If you’re a graduate or have less experience then you can expect to make more around $64,000 a year whereas an experienced Registered Nurse can make up to $92,000 - which is $47 an hour without overtime.

If you’re wondering about the RN salary in Toronto it averages around the same amount as the overall average in Ontario - which the same can be said about Ottawa.

Overall though, the average RN salary in Ontario is about $4,000 less than the overall average across Canada - which may sound like a lot but remember that the average also takes into account the higher wages up north. The good thing is as you work your way up through it will reflect in your salary.

British Colombia

The RN salary in BC is a bit higher than the average RN salary in Ontario as Registered Nurses can expect around $80,000 annually or $41 an hour. As a new RN, you’d be earning more around $35 (or 69,276 annually) where an experienced RN can earn $46.65 an hour (or $90,960).

Since British Columbia is known as an expensive province - especially Vancouver where averages remain the same as the rest of the province - having a slightly higher salary than the overall Canadian average is an advantage in hopes to offset B.C.'s high living expenses.  

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The average RN salary in Alberta is $85,800 or roughly $44/hour. That’s about $7,800 above the overall average in Canada. If you’re a new graduate then the entry-level is more around $70,000 - or $35 an hour - where an experienced registered nurse can make up to $92,906 annually.


The average RN salary in Quebec is $66,000 or $33/hour. Compared to the overall average across Canada this is more than $10K lower. As a new grad, you can expect even less at around 46,956 ($24/hour). As an experienced RN, you have the potential to make up to 76,050 - which is only around $39/hour. Quebec has the lowest RN salary in all of Canada.


The average RN salary in Manitoba is $78,000 or $40/hour - which is the exact average of the overall RN salary in Canada. The starting hourly wage is a bit lower at $35.66 (or 71,873.03 annually) whereas an experienced registered nurse can earn $42.05 (or 84,742.84


The average RN salary in Saskatchewan is quite a bit higher when compared to the rest of Canada. While a new graduate can expect $35.99/hour (70,137.31 annually) a more experienced RN can make up to $46.72 (91,047.94 annually)! The overall average is $41.35 the hour which places the annual salary at $80,592.

Since the cost of living in Saskatchewan is actually quite a bit lower when compared to the rest of Canada moving here to pay off your student loans or coming out for a 5-year plan might be a great way to save some money while having a new prairie land experience. 

Nova Scotia

The average RN salary in Nova Scotia is quite similar to Saskatchewan at $76,000 a year (or  $38.97 an hour). A starting RN would be looking at around $35.21 where a more experienced RN is closer to $41.48. The equivalent of that for a new grad is around $72,048 annually where the experienced RN is $80,509 a year. 

New Brunswick

The average RN salary in New Brunswick is $70,500 or $36.15 an hour. Generally, the wage runs a bit lower than in the other eastern provinces as the maximum an experienced RN can earn is $77,000 ($39.48/hour). An RN without a lot of experience is looking more at an annual salary of $64,000 ($32.82).


The average RN salary in P.E.I. is $38.07 or roughly $74,250 - which lines up just around the overall average in Canada. You can expect a starting salary of $66,885 (roughly $34.30) and work your way all the way up to $81,588 (roughly $41.84).

Newfoundland & Labrador

The average RN salary in P.E.I. is $76,850 or around $39/hour. If you’re just starting or a recent grad without a lot of experience then you’re looking at $32.98 (around $64,311.00 annually) and as you gain experience you can earn up to $40.83 (or around $79,618.5). 


The average RN salary ranks quite a bit higher when compared to all the other provinces - averaging at around $93,500 annually or roughly $47.98/hour. The entry-level salary is $63,893 and a more senior level salary is placed at $111,561. Keep in mind this is the average salary in Nunavut that doesn’t take into account any bonuses for moving from another province to go work up north, or any other related expenses. If you’re headed up north specifically for the job and don’t reside there normally you can expect a lot more in bonuses and expect your accommodation to be covered!

Working up north can be a great experience to not only see the most northern parts of our country but also to give back to remote communities who otherwise would struggle for proper healthcare.


The average RN salary in Yukon is $88,152 which rounds out to around $45.20. An entry-level salary is placed at around $62,506 ($32/hour) where a more experienced RN can expect to make as much as $109,139 ($56/hour).

Northwest Territories

Just like in the other two territories, the average RN salary in the Northwest Territories is $92,371.5 or $47.37/hour. If you’re just starting then you’d be looking at an RN salary of $65,761 ($33.72). If you have some experience under your belt then you can easily earn up to $114,823 (or $59/hour)! 

If you want to try working up North but aren’t ready to commit to the solitude of a very remote town (like the ones in Nunavut),  both the Yukon and the NWT are not a bad place to try out as there are larger cities. 

What Is the Average Registered Nurse Salary by Province 

Below is an overview of each average annual salary and its equivalent hourly salary. Remember that these are averages and of course depend on your experience and the facility where you’re working. They also don’t take into account any bonuses, overtime, or night shifts. 


Average Annual Salary 

Average Hourly Salary 



















Nova Scotia 



New Brunswick






Newfoundland & Labrador 









Northwest Territories 




While the average RN salary in Canada is very comparable - where most registered nurses can expect anywhere between  $37-$39 some places rank way above (or below) others. For example, the RN salary in Ontario, even though this province has a higher cost of living, is actually similar to more eastern provinces like P.E.I and Nova Scotia (averaging at $38/hour). While the RN Salary in B.C., Alberta, and even Saskatchewan - average about $5,000 more annually - which is around $42/hour.

The RPN salary in Quebec is the lowest anywhere in Canada (at $33) and as expected you can make the most money in any of the 3 territories averaging $47/hour.

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