IWK Health Centre

The IWK is a world-class Health Centre serving over a million Atlantic Canadian women, children, youth and their families through our sites in the vibrant Halifax area and in Waterville, located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

Patients and families tell us we provide excellent care in a unique and passionate environment. Our practice is rooted in a collaborative model that integrates talented people with new technologies, research, training, and clinical excellence.  We provide the most complex levels of care in our region, but we are also firmly entrenched at the community level providing some primary and secondary care services. We’re also a strong advocate for the health of families. The IWK is a global leader in research and knowledge sharing, and a partner in educating the next generation of health professionals.

We are extremely proud of those we serve, those we work with, and in the work we do. We want IWK staff to be happy and healthy both inside and outside of work. Taking care of our people means they can provide top care for our patients and families.