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About Nurse Avenue

Nurse Avenue is a networking community and job centre for Canadian nurses. We are dedicated to creating a tailored site suited to finding quality jobs with reputable employers. 

This is a place where you can find jobs, resources and other nurses in your area. As we grow we plan on hosting workshops, events and yearly meet-ups. 

We built this company to create an easy road to success for Canadian nurses. Our platform replaces the chaotic and inelegant healthcare staffing system with a simple easy-to-use website where employers can find nurses and nurses can find employers. 

We also create curated resources specifically for nurses, for all the stages of your career. Beyond that, we have a private networking group where Canadian nurses can go to connect with other  nurses, share experiences, ask questions and vent.


Thank you for joining us on this journey and cheers to you in your next chapter of success!

The Nurse Avenue Team 


Latest Resources

If you’re looking for a change or new challenge in your nursing career, you may want to consider travel nursing . Maybe you’ve heard of this field and haven’t taken the time to look into it, or you know other nurses who have been enjoying it. Whatever the case may be, this mini guide is the perfect place to learn more.  We discuss what a travel nurse is, who travel nursing is best for, the benefits and salary of...
LPNs work under the supervision or NPs, RNs and doctors and care for a wide range of patients - at all stages of life. As an LPN you’re likely to take vital signs, collect samples, make sure your patient is comfortable and administer any medication. So how much does an LPN make in Canada? Of course, i t all depends on where you live, how much experience you have and exactly what facility or location you’re working at...
The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way many industries are working, including health care. As a nurse, you may never have considered the possibility that you can do your job remotely from home . If you want a change from bedside nursing or a medical office environment, then Telehealth in nursing may be your solution.  Using technology, Telehealth connects patients with their health care providers when they aren’t in...
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